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Massage helps treat damaged, tense, immobile, knotted tissue allowing the body to release.
A valuable tool in self-healing.

Hi there! My name is Raven

Welcome to Bodhi Kinect

We are all trying to understand our body and the messages its sending to us. I am here to hold a space for you to connect with yourself and release stagnant energy that is causing you discomfort. My massage style uses therapeutic and intuitive techniques, tailored to your needs.

The power of touch is a vital part of human existence and evolution. We instinctively turn to touch when we are in pain physically or emotionally. Soothing temples and brows when headaches arise, holding our stomach through tummy aches, rubbing aching limbs or alone in pain we tend to hold and cradle ourselves.

Studies have shown that being deprived of skin contact and the warmth of human touch results in feelings of anxiety, isolation, low self-esteem and can be physically and emotionally stunting.

Massage shouldn’t be seen as a luxury; it should be apart of our weekly routines and health care regimes.

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